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The Tenets of Faith of Axis Sanctuary and Chapels, Corp. shall be:

Section 1. Axis Sanctuary and Chapels, Corp. recognizes the existence and need for diverse expressions of faith and spirituality among a community. We hold that no church or ecclesiastical body has the authority or power to impose a set of religious beliefs or precepts upon any other religious group, or upon any individual.

Section 2. Further, Axis Sanctuary and Chapels, Corp. believes:

-In working towards a culture that is relatively free of Prejudice  on the basis of gender, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, national origin, physical disability, age, etc. And therefore in the inherent worth of every person.

– In the sanctity of the human being. We oppose the use of torture and cruel or unusual punishment and/or death to propitiate a deity. We support the individual’s right to appropriately engage in an act of self-preservation.

– In the importance of democracy within religious and other structures, therefore in the separation of church and state; and the freedoms of speech and association. And that the systems of truth that we have studied on the topics of morals, ethics, and religious belief are not absolute: they vary by culture, by religion, and over time.

– In the importance of education. We believe that people are not truly educated unless they have studied the world’s religions and ethical systems. It serves the community for all people to learn of the positive and the negative impacts of these belief systems.

– In the importance of individual believers making policy within their chosen faith group. We recognize the right of each to advocate strongly for their own defining character.

-Universalism:  That everyone’s path is good as long as it is good for the individual and is not imposing on others and how they believe. For those who are trying to discover their path may do so as they live in learn about the many religions that are around them.

-Coexist: “Religious tolerance through education.” If one cannot  accept another’s belief system they are to  study what it is about that belief to better understand that paradigm.  Tolerance is understanding more about the paradigm than the individual or his or her actions. And no individual should hide behind their paradigm for their actions.


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