Getting Started with Axis Sanctuary and Chapels.

Funny thing as “me” is when I meet people some people are warm and               welcoming and others are well look like they are screaming in terror in their heads.    People most people any ways hear the word Satanists and freak out due  to what they have been told from people who are reputable.  Irony those “reputable” positions seem to fall under scandal like Jim Baker and Jimmie Swaggart.  In Some Cases I do stick around and talk more to the people who seem to walk on egg shells during my meet and greet.  About ten minutes later the atmosphere is lightened and conversation truer conversation can commence.   Being the Founder and Pastor of Axis my belief system alone is the great initiation to Axis Sanctuary’s stance of tolerance through education. Those who want to know more about what I am then who I am is understandable. Those who rather live out their life in prejudice will stay that way no matter what label they give themselves.

In my philosophy I believe I define my belief not my belief define me.  This perspective gives me license to take control as to who and what I am and make no excuses for it.  No Deity makes or made me do anything therefore it is all me claiming responsibility for my self.   For me this works yet I do see many who wished to be ruled and controled by either person , book , or both! .  My stance is if it works for them then it is good for them only when others try to press their beliefs or condemn yours in favor of theirs I see the line drawn .

Be well

Ronald French