Dont put off till tomorrow . . .

Damn Kitties .
I worked a job last night and noticed the litter sand was low in the litter box.   for about a half hour I looked for the the other 20lb tub of sand I had bought for them but forgot where I put it.   So I figured “tomorrow is another day”.
This morning I see a oddly stack of papers on the floor as if they were knocked down then meticulously placed in that spot .  I knew before I knew what I was in for.  And sure enough my Big kitty made a floor deposit and tried to cover it up.  I can tell it was him since his deposits can almost compare in size to any of ours!    BAD BIG KITTY !  LOL
When sand is kicked over the box I just sweep it into a pile in the corner of the room .  This morning I noticed it was leveled off some how and upon closer inspection I see tootsie roll size deposits (size of your pinkie finger)   yep my little kitty found a spot to poop too.  BAD LITTLE KITTY BAD …Geesh .

Lesson learned  don’t put off tomorrow what you can do for that moment otherwise it could be a stinker!

I found the sand after my poop pick up this morning and now cant go back to sleep so I figure I will share my morning with you all.   🙂     you got to laugh if not at yourself then at your situation .


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