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Like Most start ups  dead lines are tried and true to fail.   LOL  UGH   either I have the time or Time has me .  This past month the world fell on my lap to get things done  Then production(s)  to put it simply I was swamped.   The booklet will come out if not in mid may then in Summer Solstice.  

Like all good things they are worth the wait! 

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A little about me . . .

Some people are so trained from what they grew up with and from they have left behind that a little bit of their mores caries over to their new identity.

With this come my upbringing . I hated school with a passion I rather be outdoors and how standardized the schools where I truly felt like a cog in a wheel such repression I resisted with great perseverance.   My father told me why I was doing bad in one class and good in the other ( the math was the same )  .   I loved my science teacher and hated my math teacher.  My fathers response ” you are there to learn not like or dislike who teaches you ”  . This lesson has carried over to this day but wtih tables turned. 

With Axis Sanctuary and Chapels I developed a tangible ideal for minority belief and uncommon belief systems to not only practice their beliefs but to share what they believe in with in the Axis Community and in public.   That is the “what you are here for” speach .   My detractors are fun and funny and I truly love them for one of many reasons .  Some may not like my sense of humor of poking at other beleif systems ( I find humor of our differences is not only funny but exposes what is funny about our differences)  Others hate me for fighting with their friends or cliche’ (associates) .   Though I do preach acceptance and if not tolerance of groups but individuals who act the ass get my foot in it and I am not shy about it.  Two things tolerance has none (for me anyways )  Stupidity and Hatred.     People seem to tie me with Axis like the Evangelists with their ministry … is Axis Sanctuary and Chapels  the ministry of Ronald French ?  No .   But if I act the ass under the guise of Axis you have a point and a clue for argument .   But I am my own person as Axis is its own Entity .   How so? 

  If I am a religious leader what is my paradigm ? and How do I violate it in a definitive way?

“My behavior to some people is awful”  Yes it is with out remorse or repent and they deserve it as an individual.  

“I am arrogant”    And ?

People carry over the leadership as a moral compass or role model … What BULLSHIT  I am hosting 60 different belief systems  I could not follow any ones ideal of morality with out offending someone else’s  So I follow mine and if I offend you “tolerate” it otherwise deal with my arrogance for I will not compromise who I am and what I believe in (starting with my self) .

Many people have tried to hold me to a standard … but how can they if they are comparing it to their own?  Follow your own path and if someone is not coexisting with you understand why there is a difference that way at least you will be educated rather than judgmental of one and other .  The first step in understanding others is to understand yourself and some people I have bumped into are total stranger even to themselves. Since this is a ground up project I expect to eat crow or have pie in my face.  But since this is my creation I can afford to do so knowing from my experience in Axis I can share it too.

Be Well


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Axis Sanctuary and Chapels Treasurer Position now closed…

Not to long ago a vacancy for the position of treasurer had occurred.   For 6 years I have promoted the ideals and prospects of Axis Sanctuary and Chapels and to have the proposed treasurer throw Axis Sanctuary and Chapels under the bus in a public debate had created such a vacancy.   I did not build up Axis up for it to be toyed with in a nutshell.

The title of treasurer was given due to the hard work dedication put into Axis Sanctuary and Chapels.  A title of rewarded effort.    I interviewed several people to fill that void some I know and knew of and others complete strangers.  Then it dawned to me . . . .Axis will be doing ordinations of priest hood but not so willie nillie .  Ministry will be given out to those who go through our training or those who civic leaders already . In other words you earn it either by us (Axis)  or by Example.

With this philosophy why should the position of treasurer be any different ?  I will accept any help my way  but as so far I see allot of people wanting a turn key environment rather than creating and manifesting one.  Which puzzles me even further . . . Why call yourselves occultists if you do not act like one by example?

I have very supportive bank manager not of Axis but of me creating this church (lets face it if not I who is philosophically unique but so is Axis Sanctuary and Chapels as well)  He said that many start up group wont have a treasurer until they start to bring in larger money and when they also grow larger in membership.

So I pondered this and decided Vacancy closed .

For the Applicants out there known and unknown I appreciate the interest Axis Sanctuary and Chapels.   However, Participation is key not in a reactive state but in a proactive state and through stratification comes manifesting not only of Axis Sanctuary and Chapels as I have been doing so but in the Treasurers position as well .

Thank you for your interest

Ronald French

President , Axis Sanctuary and Chapels Corp.

By Axis Sanctuary and Chapels Newsletter Posted in General Stuff