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Clean Shave. . .

ImageHello !

As one can tell I am selective as to what I shave from my body (my head anyways)   While at market  I spotted a 1960s Gillette Safety Razor.

This thing was neat and for $1 you cant go wrong and irony it didn’t .

I just got home today after buying double sided razors for my new ….or vintage razor.  After cleaning the safety razor off I installed my double edged razor for it .   From memory these razors are not like your triple , four bladed , or five bladed razors where you can bear down .  These old school razors take style and patience should you not exercise this this device will want to shave layers of your skin off instead.

With my prior experience I lathered up some soy soap and put it on my head, neck, and face.  With every swipe I made a hairless trail soon followed.    This model pictured is the same one I have the bottom of the handle can twist which opens the head to accept or to remove razors the dial under the head adjusts how much razor scrapes your face. I did not own one like this so I set it to the most exposure.  Needless to say any bumps or dings or scratches where leveled.   I looked like a teen with all the damn blood spots.. . . LMAO   However, I now have a shaven head and face that runs a little smoother when I rub my fingers on it.

Every time I have one of these razors I do remember loving them at first but I do forget why I get rid of them though … So as I tend to my spots of blood on my head, neck, and face I shall ponder this ..

and as I write this I can honestly say WOW that is a close shave!    SMOOOOTH !


By Axis Sanctuary and Chapels Newsletter Posted in General Stuff

Reverend JIM

Funny thing at the market today … I met an evangelist .    Not that it is a big deal meeting one it was how I met him that made all this memorable.

I go the flea market to promote Axis Sanctuary and Chapels selling off wears such as pendants , wands, bumper stickers and now COEXIST Flags. 

So I have added a key chain made of leather which had 18” tassels.   Now I know where a person’s mind set is at when they create something out of nothing or misdirect the item’s intended purpose .  So  this fellow who approached my table reminded me of how my dad used to ‘dress down’.  He wore pleated cotton twill pants with a button shirt that was unbuttoned 3 buttons from the top and you can tell he was wearing a wife beater ( athletic undershirt on) .  My Dad was a cooperate VP and he was used to his work week dress code and that was how he ‘dressed down”  This fellow who approached my table made a comment about the leather  key chain looking like a “Cat and Nine tails”  I gave a chuckle and told him those are in the van.  I reminisced with this fellow how I used to supply 5 adult shops with my leather wears and now find it ironic what I called floggers 10 years back are now called scourges.  Then I get an instant message and it had one word on the text . . . PREACHER.

I put my phone back into its holder stood up and smiled ear to ear and said “I was unaware I was talking to a preacher”.   His eyes almost shot out of his head. “How did you know this did someone text you “ as he started to slightly stammer back from my table walking slightly backwards and to the side.   I told him I did receive a message you were a preacher. “Where who was it?” This poor fellow was looking all around.  I told him “those who know you want me to know you” . . . by this time he was about five feet away from my booth I reached for my business cards and told him to come over I won’t bite and as for who told on you I will treat that as a confession in which he dropped the subject.  

We started talking as to what and who he was and he identified himself as “JIM”  who was not a preacher but some kind of ( I forget the prefix title) evangelist .   He said he goes to church to church to learn what ‘religions’ of Christ have to say and to not limit himself to any one perspective of Christianity.   He also went on to saying how he only preached the RED WORDS in the bible (these are to be the the actual words of Christ)   When he said that I asked him if those were the words of Christ who wrote them when the bible was written three hundred years after his death and the earliest writings noted around sixty years after his death.  With So much span of time did any true survivors of the crucifixion actually wrote the remembered words( and how much of it was verbatim?)  I stumped him.    Then Jim started to quote scripture … so I interrupted him and changed the topic.  As the conversation went on I recapped how he was a traveling guest speaker at different churches and how did he like it.   This is when things got a little loud. Jim said that established religions in the Christian faith are cults and are damning their followers to hell.   I had to step in and ask Are you judging others?  No!  Jim replied and started to quote John verse this chapter that …   I interrupted him as said “ I asked you Jim a question not a quote from a book”  Are you judging other Christians or is God?  A few tries to misdirect me in conversation I would stick to my guns and repeat my question . However,  Jim had enough and considered my conversation with him his sermon of the day and as he layed his hand out (not to shake my hand but to rather point at my direction )  I smiled and wished him well made a fist and we fist bumped.

Now in this article I did paraphrase since the discussion happened three hours ago.   But the highlights where funny if not epic.

The Breakdown/ background:  Jim was identified to me by former employees who worked at a “World recognized retailer” who had run ins with Jim at their stores who threatened low level workers and management their jobs for not discounting damaged goods to him ( yes folks Evangelist JIM).   But there were five employees (former)  who were at the market that told me the stories and from different stores to boot.  Seems our good Christian friend made friends the kind that text me what he did for a living and the livelihoods he threatened on others if he did not get his way.  ~  eyes watch you when you claim to do good and practice evil ~    I the Satanist found this more amusing since not once did I feel the need to show off my BAPHOMET Sigil that I was wearing LOL. Fellows like Jim Preach and tell others to what he interprets is right and wrong but when it comes to the watchful eyes of those he victimized an Earthly judgment can be swift and unseen by meeting me and I identifying him the way I did was and is a good example.   JIM made my day I asked questions and even poked him at one of them ( I had to tell him I was poking him as he stammered for the answers to my questions)  and as for the “World recognized retailer” folk who gave me the heads up did not tell me about their experiences until a few hours after JIM left the area.  Sigh.

Never have I seen such a man of God get so nervous with me smiling and saying “ I did not know you where a preacher…”   The look on his face was memorable to say the least .  SIGH……



Own Very Self

Sometimes doing the right thing is doing what is best for you . In the eyes around you may not see that way.
If you conform to society wishes you fall onto a standard not your own and if you stand on your own you fall from society.  
So many feel or act as they stand apart from society in reality they are the mirror of what the masses represent.

Be your own “ipsissimus” by “own very self “

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Getting Involved :
Are you unique? Like working with creative people with diverse beliefs? Care to share your talent and let us know what you would like to do?
A lot of people tell me they are “for ” the Coexist movement and support Axis Sanctuary and Chapels! Make a difference in your life and the Cause for Axis Sanctuary and Chapels by making a virtuality into a reality!
Should you feel the desire to Help Axis Sanctuary and Chapels through your creativity , skills , or just want to help out drop us a line or a phone call .
Unlike established churches Axis Sanctuary and Chapels is a ground up manifestation meaning Axis Sanctuary and Chapels is a start up Church comprising of Officers and Board with diverse belief systems that can use not only all the help it can get also the unique people it attracts!

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