The Aftermath:

After my worded post and rant video over Newton Conn.. The feedback is still coming in.
Ironically lots of thumbs up and those who agree with me post so seeing various key points that stick with them.
On the other side of the coin … well I could not pay for such entertainment.

At the ULC my father is SATAN from the Christian fundies and now I am hated for not loving dead children

Got kicked out of the WICCA group (one of 13 dozen of them)

15% of the pagans felt I was heartless

The Witches against me try to use my church against me as if I was a Christian and try to present some kind of moral high road to shame me.. . Also I seen them go off point all together in their rage against not my post but me…. so much for light and love eh?

As much as it was a slap in the face I never did tell people they were wrong for being altruistic rather is was misguided and lead by the Media. My approach and adhominems of descript is just me reacting as I watch occultists get herded around like sheep as these are the ones who are sheeple.
To no surprise I was singing to the Choir to the left hand path but when Ayn Rand is the foundation to a paradigm … need I say more?

This was my view point but with many facets in social experimentation. It was not the supporters (written or thumbs up) rather the desertion or respect of an unpopular idea as the message in the responses was not a rebuttal against a view point rather for me having one.
Conformity to a collective via group or paradigm can also structure not a group mentality rather a sheeple minded standard of morals, ethics, and mores’ that may not be the individuals own and seeing their negative reaction on how it was constructed against me the person shown me this.
I do like supporters (who doesn’t) but if you want to learn something about people around you even yourself its the conflict and how people stand their ground even yourself is the learning experience. And what better topic to rouse emotions than dead children.

Though some approached me with having a double standard with my Coexist approach I have yet to see anyone actually use my words against me (verbatim) after all I co wrote them. But I do see a necessary need to change some things.

Universalism: from my point is that everyone’s path is good as long as it is good for the individual and is not imposing on others and how they believe.

Coexist: Religious tolerance through education. If one cannot or is unable to accept another belief system around them study what it is about that belief to better understand that belief. If one still cannot or will not tolerate another belief system by studying that paradigm you can at least say you know more about the other than they know about yours. *
*This of course does make passage for dealing with a person and their personal view. If dealing with an asshole deal with them as such .

Those who got my post or what was between the lines is why I am creating my Axis Sanctuary and Chapels. For those occultists who are at a higher level of consciousness and understanding of themselves and environment. If anything I am paving a road as to what kind of parishioners and supporters I have …. The spiritual and intellectually strong and independent people.


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