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Think of this page as a big hug…
The fact I bring it forth for the world to see as a form of back lash of his wishing upon a woman to be raped. The more people know about his true nature of woman hating comments, projection of violence, and arrogance of being untouchable as a witch makes that hug into a squeeze. Perhaps after a few (metaphorical) ribs are cracked Christian Day will either change his ways (unlikely no one has called him out in the manor as I ) or he gain notoriety as an abuser & bully .
Either way this page and several more promoting him and his actions that contradict his own belief system (which he now denies) will hopefully educate the public the difference between a bad witch to a bad person disguised as a Witch.

See on Scoop.itWitchcraft and Paganism

By Axis Sanctuary and Chapels Newsletter Posted in General Stuff

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