Apparently this Cop has Never Heard of YouTube OR the First Amendment, Now He Will

Houston, TX — A video submitted to the Free Thought Project shows just how far we have to go before all police officers understand that they cannot stop someone from filming. Michael Gardner was working on private property and had permission from the owners to be there when police showed up, responding to a 9-1-1 call.…


There are no such thing as good cops bad cops .  When the police and justice system fail it should not shock to the new meaning of ‘Hog Hunting’ when the public retaliate.  10,00-100,00 to 1 ratio this nation out man and out gun the police ….. What will it take for them to be aware of this …before ,during , or after an armed uprising ?

See on Scoop.itRev.Ronald French

By Axis Sanctuary and Chapels Newsletter Posted in General Stuff

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