Beltane love rites……

Beltane love rites for all you lovers/couples out there, not for the faint hearted!


Looking deep within at those deep eyes
As you and your lover read each other’s signs
Together, eye to eye, face to face you sit
Stirring internal passion already lit

Gentle soft breaths, perfume and light
Chakras prepare for this sensual night
For now you dare not think nor touch
Remain focused, no matter what you need so much

Feeling and hearing your hearts beat fast
Continue of mind strength, so may it last
For within those eyes be arousal as love stares
When our bodies tremble, we become aware

Cosmic orgasm is what we do attain
As we travel higher, vibrations of another plane
We feel her uncoiling, awakening from hibernation
Count your breaths, remain so patient

Electric senses new passions begin
Serpent Kundalini, arousal high within
Feeling and needing skin to skin to share love
Sensual energies raising from below and above

Each breath, vibration, colour and sense we feel
This is our spiritual awareness to know and heal
Facing one another, meets hand to hand
This sacred Magick, we create to understand

Gentle, caring arousal eye to eye we see
Manifestation of our bodies alive and free
Deep desires around, within, below on so much fire
Here we merge our serpent energies, higher and higher

Torturously slow, moment by moment we begin
Time to feed our passions and needs within
Tongues locking, dancing with one another
Hands held, heart to heart loves flows together

Breathing slowly we remain, for passion needs to last
Remain focused, with intent move slowly not too fast
Build rhythm, keep contact with eyes to eyes
Sensual and loving togetherness within shall rise

You feel it building you know it shall soon be time
You know it with your bodies and one another’s minds
Closing in as one, deeply in unity and love
Cosmic Orgasm as Great Kundalini reaches high above…..

Words Ophidia Kalendae

Beltane love rites for all you lovers/couples out there, not for the faint hearted!

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By Axis Sanctuary and Chapels Newsletter Posted in General Stuff

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