Folk beliefs of the southern Negro (1926) eBook: Newbell Niles Puckett: Books

This is one of the most interesting books written on the subject of folk beliefs and superstitions. I will note however, it covers other topics such as religion, culture and a few stories along the way, but these take up perhaps only a fifth of the book. Unlike many of the larger books on superstitions, this one doesn’t number its beliefs. Instead it tackles subjects one at a time whether it be the notorious legend of the “Jack O’ Lantern,” “Driving Off or Capturing Witches” or omens connected with certain animals. Each topic takes up perhaps 1-2 pages; making this book a browser’s delight. The book reads well too and will captivate the person interested in superstitions; nearly every sentence is another belief or a spin on a belief that shows us another side and depth to it. So each topic is naturally developed, and the amount of research put into this book is incredibly evident by the amount of detail and the number of annotations. Voodoo and conjuring are covered extensively here, as are beliefs connected with burial and the dead. This is good reading for someone interested in folklore, and the book can be dipped into as well if you just feel like browsing. Recommended as a classic.


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