This is a type of feminism I can defend.

Eric Kirsch

September 13 · Edited ·


Yesterday two women, one Tunisian the other Algerian interrupted the “Muslim Woman Salon” organized and run by…Men, in France.

They emerged on the scene while two Imams were talking. Dressed in a black hijab’s, they approached the Imam’s, then ripped off their veils revealing a message written on their chest’s and began shouting in French and Arabic:

“No one submits me, nobody owns me, I’m my own prophet!”

Within moments they were escorted from the stage by security personnel. Soon, several more men took to the stage screaming at others in the direction of the two activists being escorted off the stage. “Whores, you must kill them”. The women were taking into protective custody by the French Police. This is a test the Western world cannot afford to fail, those in need of authentic liberation shall be furnished all rights available to enable self sovereignty from forced submission from all cults of bondage.

This is a type of feminism I can defend. Yes, sadly hundreds of thousands are living in deplorable domestic situations yet by wide societal status, American Women are not repressed. Would you like to see true repression I turn your gaze towards 95% of women in Saudi Arabia, rural China, India, other nations of similar configurations, those are a gender ‘repressed. If you do not have to ask permission to leave your house then you are not ‘repressed.

Did these two Women on that stage yesterday change the World? No, yet they might have helped change the season of thought from winter to spring in the minds of many others who grimly share their dark origin of experience. They did something, and merely doing ‘something defeats inaction, always. Grains of sand stop the ocean.

Our World needs more benevolent zealots, shine that light.



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