Preacher Preaching
Sermons is a general term from me for giving out my point view(s).


5 comments on “Sermons

  1. For about Six months now I have been meeting people with magic/fictitious/alter ego names. I understand the magical and fictitious however, if you are on places like face book there are settings to allow who sees you and who dont. I myself have several three with my name just spelled different or with my middle name.
    I admit I am lazy so the Ron French account is about 90% of my Class of 1989 on it. I hated my school and all but a dozen people in it. Those who are in my class of 1989 in my Ronald French account are in my inner circle. At least this is how I use the accounts anyway.
    When you bump into people named “Insidious something something” and they make an ass of them selves it is hard pressed for me to take the magic or fictitious name seriously after all hiding behind a name that is not real is the reflection of ones persona. So I easily discard them as I would yesterdays news paper after all that too is just avatars and words. The difference is those with a pic of the person and a name or nic name I can relate too but to deal with those with a goofy avatar and name holds little to no muster.
    I once got into an argument over some nonsense and told an account that character was beneath me and another person stood up for it for having merit! An Avatar and a stupid user name gets merit ? I had to leave that network like so many social networks social retardism can be contagious in the virtual world let alone the land of make believe.
    I have been “keeping it real” at least in the level that I am Rev.Ronald French and have been for years Google me after 10 pages of my pretty face I dwindle at page 15 yeah I am not going away and have established roots. Can you say that about the person you chat with ? Or better yet to or about the new high priest of this or that? Use your intelligence see the virtual world for what it is and if nothing see it as a tool to help in the reality around you once a sun flare hits and we are with out web access what now ? Welcome to Reality

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