Thank you for helping!

Below are people and organizations who have helped us with various forms of contributions.

For Benefactors please click HERE

For other ways to contribute please go HERE


One comment on “Thank you for helping!

  1. Today has been most busy for me as I prep for Axis Newsletter I was looking at pricing out places that print copies … more so color copies. 1000 issues on one page color print is $500.00 …outch!

    So I was on my way home and noticed a thrift shop I did not see before. After talking with the manager about the tech stuff they have I mentioned Axis Newsletter and how I am self publishing the newsletter . I told the manager I was looking for a color laser printer …. WE found one and She donated it to Axis sanctuary and Chapels! Thank you Treasures Thrift Shop for your donation to our church! On thing I forgot about Hospice especially Tidewell is they are religion neutral. Being Hospice they cater to the terminally ill no matter what their beliefs are! Like Axis they are inclusive!

    So now I have another laser printer to connect to the newsletter computer … now this time I have color and black laser printers making for a creative newsletter.

    The model is an OKI C5150 and it should be interesting to see how it runs!
    Thanks again Treasures Thrift Shop

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