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Cyberstalkers and those who want to hold up progress.

Cyberstalkers and those who want to hold up progress.

by Ronald French on Thursday, July 19, 2012 at 12:54pm ·

I am outspoken as an individual and many try to play the part where they try to use Axis Sanctuary and Chapels as not only a shield but as a weapon against me or what I say as an individual.  But after all if you cant fight me those of weak foundation must resort to other methods such as adhominems or as mentioned earlier using a third party such as my Church.  I know some are saying well you represent your church and etc etc .. Unless you know know my church doctrines I dont want to hear or see any rebuttal. Otherwise you are going by your perception not my doctrine.

Currently There is a fellow named Tom Erik Raspotnik  He has a campaign  cyberstalking  so much so He bought Axis Sanctuary and Chapels dot org and is using it to harrass me and any of its members of the fellowship.  Here is a copy and paste prior to going private on the Whois lookup :


Technical Contact Information:

    Name: tom raspotnik

    Organization: flagship media

    Address 1: 488 south harvey

    City: shelby

    State: Michigan

    Zip: 49455

    Country: US

    Phone: +1.6168219015


Information Updated: Thu, 19 Jul 2012 03:48:32 UTC


    Now it looks like this … To my surprise I forgot to close the window that short of a margin as Tom tries to cover his tracks .



Registrant Contact Information:

    Name: Registration Private

    Organization: Domains By Proxy, LLC

    Address 1:

    Address 2: 14747 N Northsight Blvd Suite 111, PMB 309

    City: Scottsdale

    State: Arizona

    Zip: 85260

    Country: US

    Phone: +1.4806242599

    Fax: +1.4806242598



Tom has a band of merry men and women of his crew on such person is Robert Fraize

I defended a religious leader over his status as a sex offender and pointed out what Robbie was doing was harassment.  Robert felt he needed to harrass this fellow over his past crime and postured a “Satanic Higher moral high ground”   In Roberts thread I posted his Docs with a map of 127 sex offenders in his neighborhood.  The fellow Robert had a hang up on lived in Oklahoma.  Though registered as a sex offender this gent was a correctional guard who had ‘relations’ with a 24 female inmate…. yep this is why I am for sex offender registry reform ~ many cases of honest mischief (like mooning friends) , inappropriate relationships , and the like fall in one Chester the Molester category …. yet Robert knew of this and still iintagonizes him.

Since I stood up for the gent Robert was after I have not only become the target but now Robert and his Org The Church of Leviathan are best of pals with Tom.

Axis has the Church of ahriman  listed as one of its uncommon belief list on

Robert is also not only good for posturing he is . . .





On a local level there is Sylvia Raven Nagel  of Blessed Be Baskets a non profit in Tampa who shows more signs of bipolar-ism I ever seen .

Words can describe it but I took Screen shots instead “


Is She a witch or Something else….



She is a Duchess? I have very little direct contact with here yet She brings me up on things I dont even know …. LOL odd little duck isn’t she ?



Now she comes out a Satanist … sorta …who knows



She has a Charity and Hitmen too!



AH here is the real reason . . . . Drugs who could have guessed … not me ?!




Mind you I have very to no contact with this woman and here she is . . .



     In conclusion I expected to deal with ‘crazy”   But this is all too funny and ridiculous.   I present over 60 belief systems They only present 1/60 of 1% of What Satanism is out there.  


Axis Sanctuary and Chapels does promote Acceptance / Tolerance through education and if not simply have knowledge of the other people.   See for yourself.


“And now you Know”


Be Well

Ronald French

By Axis Sanctuary and Chapels Newsletter Posted in General Stuff