hello everyone !
Axis Sanctuary and Chapels is working on a bulletin / newsletter to promote tolerance through education on a physical level PAPERBACK!
This Zine if you will will be written by those who are members of Axis online (here) and those who support Axis Sanctuary and Chapels’ ideology and stance for coexisting.
If you like to write your experiences down and get a little recognition or if you are already established and wish to cross write / promote please check out our publishing site.
Axis News

We are now with a dozen articles, two books and a blog spot released to us in five days not forgetting a local artist who game me full rights for his art work!
Any other submissions are gladly taken and art work too so check out our link as for submissions and the like and if you do not live in the area subscription are available but once we print its printed and once it is gone there is only Ebook !
Come on by and check us out and see what we are doing !
Axis Main Site
Axis Online Fellowship
Ronald French


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