About Us

The Sanctuary Chapel is a multi faith fellowship. It takes a congregation to make a church but in some cases due to dogma or mores’ some churches are underground with fear of mainstream scrutiny, ignorance, & intolerance.
Axis Sanctuary & Chapel is open to all with the emphasis of minority religions.

In Sept, 09, 2009 Pastor Ronald French filed for non-profit corporation and soon for the IRS 501C(3) status. After which Axis Sanctuary & Chapels, Corp. will be seeking out various methods to generate funds to purchase Land and hire a builder to build a sanctuary and numerous chapels.

Axis Sanctuary Chapel is more than a Fellowship!

Our Goals :

1. classrooms for home schooled students
2. class rooms for secondary education
3. Wellness Center (Gym) for better health
4. Reception/ kitchen area for weddings
5. Break out rooms (small meeting rooms)
6. Several Chapels to accommodate various church groups
7. Main meeting hall (the Sanctuary and Shelter)
8. Library / computer center
9. chapels for minority faiths.

Unlike other physical structures Sanctuary Chapel embraces the Dome design of Buckminster Fuller, Gene Hopster, Michael Busick, and David South. The founding location for Sanctuary Chapel will be in SW Florida and what better way to have a building that is Cat 3 tornado & Cat 5 Hurricane resistant which makes Sanctuary Chapel a most suitable shelter for its members.

                                             Axis Sanctuary & Chapels, Corp.

is working on creating a place  for churches and a place for faiths.

We filed the nonprofit corporation in Sept 09,2009 and soon following with 501c (3) application.

Listed below are Links  religious groups and other supported topics:

The Lotus Blossom and Isis
Dianic Witchcraft
Alexandrian Witchcraft
Pagan Veterans
Demonology II
About Demons by Diane Vera
Hellfire Club
Temple of Set
Allee Shadow Tradition
Free Energy /Going Green / Off the Grid / Sustainability
Domes of the World
The Cult of Cthulhu
Norse Traditions & Pantheons
Magickal Show and tell
Prophecy , oddities ,and WTF
Aleister Crowley
World union of Diests
Temple of RA
Intellectual Design
Egyptian Mythology
Santa Muerte
Ordo Templi Orientis
Objectivism (Ayn Rand)
Astrology & Tarot
Gardnerian Witchcraft
Werewolf Cathedral
Zeitgeist: Moving Forward” by Peter Joseph
Vampyrian Spirituality
Left Hand Path
The Sith Religion
Zeitgeist – Religion
The Fourth Way
The Occult Experience
Remote Viewing and the Intelligence Agency
Planet X Nibiru
Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
The Rosicrucian Order
Transcendental Meditation
The Venus Project
Christmas Krampus


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